Our services include comprehensive procedures for the completion and full satisfaction of buying and selling your home or property. Buying and selling can be a very stressful ordeal, but not with Endsley & Associates.  Our professional services begin with our first introduction to determine the type of service you are seeking. Buyer and/or Seller Representation is determined and our work for you begins.

If you are a buyer:
1. A sales associate will give you necessary information and disclosers to help you make a knowledgeable decision on what type of representation is best for you.

2. Prequalifing for a loan is important for the success of your purchase. You will be provided with names of mortgage companies, brokers and banks that can provide you with a prequalification letter.

3. Our search for your new home begins with listening to your wants and needs. We will search any available database to ensure that we can accommodate as many of your needs as possible.

4. Appointments will be made, at your convenience, to view all properties.

5. Final selections will be narrowed and we will consult you about the structure of your offer.

6. The offer will be submitted to the Seller, or Seller's Agent and will be negotiated until it is accepted or terminated.

7. The accepted offer will be escrowed with a title company which will begin to search the title and prepare all necessary documentations.

8. Maintain communication with the mortgage company, title company, surveyor and all necessary inspections to enable the buying transition to move smoothly forward.

9. Ensure that all utility, cable, and telephone information is given to you prior to closing.

10. Schedule the closing of the escrow.

11. If you are satisfied with all of the above, we always appreciate any referrals of your family and friends!

Selling a home/property:
Your decision has been made. You want to sell your home....How? When?....and more important, Which REALTOR do you use?

Critical to the success of selling your home is finding the professional sales associate that can provide you with information that will take the worry out of your hands.

With your first contact with our agency, an appointment will be scheduled.

1. The sales associate will schedule an appointment to meet you at your home. Buyer/Seller Representation will be discussed as prospective Buyers may have their own REALTOR representation which will be explained to you. Your needs and expectations will be discussed.

2. A Market Analysis will be prepared to inform you of the recent sales. Advise will be given how to make your home "SOLD READY". Selling a property/home requires cooperation from the homeowner in preparing the home for viewing. Enhanced viewings bring better offers!

3. Listing documents will be prepared with all necessary Seller's Disclosures.

4. Brochures will be prepared and installed in a bracket on your lawn. The property information will be inserted in the MLS, a For Sale sign erected, and a property tour will be arranged to expose your home to sales associates.

5. Appointments with prospective Buyers will be made for all viewings.

6. All offers will be submitted to you. We will consult with you to determine how to obtain the highest price. The offer will be negotiated until it is consummated or terminated.

7. With a fully accepted contract, we will escrow it with a title company.

8. Arrangements will be made for all inspections agreed to in the contract.

9. Finalize the closing and the occupancy of the property.

10. If you are satisfied with the results of the sale of your property, we always appreciate any referral of your family and friends.
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